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Streets for the People benefited the Ángel Rafael Ríos neighborhood

The Streets for the People program carried out by the capital's commune with the support of the Central Government, benefited a little more than 2000 inhabitants of the Ángel Rafael Ríos neighborhood located in District II.

The families living in the neighborhood now have 7 fully restored blocks, which serve as a connection between Calle El Triunfo and the main street and the Carlos Núñez neighborhood.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that this year the commune aims to restore the road network in the old neighborhoods of the capital.

“This year, President Daniel directed the restoration of the streets of the central and old neighborhoods of the capital, with this project not only is the life of the 2,000 inhabitants of the neighborhoods changed and improved, but alternative routes are renewed that allow decongesting the main roads ”.

The neighborhood not only has totally new streets, but also the residents who visit the EXPICA fairgrounds can arrive faster to the fair that year after year is held within the framework of the August festivities.

Alfredo Umaña has lived in the neighborhood since it was founded 37 years ago, he explains that among the benefits is better access for cars to the neighborhood.

“For us it is very important that the main streets be repaired because here there are many children and kids from schools, without a kid you get sick you couldn't look for a taxi or an ambulance because nobody entered, you couldn't, now even the police can enter to make their rounds that gives us who live here more security ".

For this year 2016, 10 neighborhoods of District II will benefit with the rehabilitation of 72 blocks of the road network and for next year, the road improvement will reach the coastal neighborhoods of the district.

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