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Minguito returned to his throne in the church of Las Sierritas

The miraculous and small image was promoted to its throne in the parish of Santo Domingo de Las Sierritas by Father Boanerges Carballo and the Mayordoma and Mayor of the capital, companion Daysi Torres and of the parish committees, before a mass of thanksgiving was celebrated, concelebrated by Monsignor Bernardo Hombach, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Granada.

Father Boanerges Carballo, expressed thanks to the Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, as the representative of the institution for the unconditional support she provided to the patron saint festivities in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, as well as to the members of the National Police, Fire Department, Red Cross, among others, for the efforts and patience in maintaining the order of the different activities of the festivities, "may this spirit of unity, collaboration, coordination and order remain to help us work together for the common good of all, for our part, as a church we continue to walk in life preaching the gospel as Santo Domingo de Guzmán did ”, affirmed the priest.

For her part, the Mayor of Managua, Daysi Torres, in the company of Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, expressed her gratitude to God in the first place, to the capital taxpayers who with the payment of their taxes contribute to the expenses of these parties, also thanked the support from the National Police, Red Cross and Firefighters who worked hard so that these patron saint festivities have developed in complete order, with expression of faith, love, joy, culture and tradition and without any misfortune to regret.

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