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Minguito left in the middle of a sea of parishioners

By: Gurbih Dinarte Narváez

With great religious fervor, faith and love in the Catholic Church, united to the tradition, culture and folklore of the Nicaraguan people, hundreds of devotees and parishioners of Santo Domingo de Guzmán from all over the country and abroad, participated in the return to their home. eternal to the Church of the same name in Las Sierritas de Managua, by staying for ten days in the capital celebrating the patron saint festivities of the managuas in honor of his name.

The image of Minguito who was dressed in green and white climbed onto his boat on the shoulders of the traditionalist porters accompanied by the Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities, the Mayor of the patron saint Daysi Torres and the Vice Mayor of the tour from the Church to the Hook of Roads where he arrived at 8:45 minutes.

When he got off the ship, the image of Santo Domingo de San Andrés de la Palanca was waiting for him, where the two images danced to the sound of the chicheros, and later he began the great pilgrimage back to Las Sierritas de Managua.

As the procession and time advanced, the crowd became an impressive sea of people who marched and danced without rest, some paying promises, others asking for some miracle of healing for their family.

The Mayordoma and Mayor expressed thanks to God for dismissing Santo Domingo and for the opportunity that the Creator grants the people to express themselves through their culture, their tradition, their faith that marched with great order, guaranteed by the National Police.

Thousands of people greeted Minguito's arrival at the Morita place, where he entered at two o'clock in the afternoon, handkerchiefs, caps, hats were seen in the air and shouts of joy could be heard from ¡Vivan Santo Domingo! The Mayordoma of the festivities greeted him and danced carrying him for fifteen minutes accompanied by the Vice Mayor. Already at that time the pilgrimage of people was incalculable, a sea of people that waved on the Morita road to the Sierritas de Managua where thousands of other people waited for the miraculous image of Minguito.

Managua, August 10, 2016.

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