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Inauguration of the first stage of the lining of the Domitila Lugo channel

More than 4,200 people were benefited with the lining of 117 linear meters of the Domitila Lugo channel in the neighborhood of the same name, and directly to ten families that are settled on the banks of the channel. This is the delivery of the first stage that included the construction of pedestrian platforms on the sides of the channel, in addition to the lining of slopes to prevent erosion of the same and provide greater security to the population, in which 7.6 million córdobas were invested.

The inauguration and delivery of this first stage to the population was carried out by the Vice Mayor, comrade Enrique Armas, who affirmed that this was an orientation of restitution of rights of President Daniel Ortega and Comrade Rosario Murillo, to eradicate one of the most critical points of the District Four in winter time.

For her part, comrade Daysi Serrano, municipal delegate in District IV, explained that this riverbed lining project consists entirely of 324 linear meters with an investment of 20 million cordobas.

This is one of the most critical flooding points in winter times, since here the rainwater that descends from the southern part of the capital is discharged, which caused flooding in the lands of the families that live on the sides of the riverbed already many of them had their latrines flooded.

It should be noted that the work included the construction of a pedestrian bridge that allows the traffic of people who live on both sides of the channel.

The Vice Mayor stated that in addition to this work, the municipality is promoting other projects in this same neighborhood, such as the improvement of streets and platforms.

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