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The Mayor's Office and the IDB Technical Mission meet to evaluate progress in reducing risks

Municipal authorities together with a Technical Mission of the World Development Bank, IDB and representatives of the Ministry of Finance met to learn about and evaluate the projects that the commune has carried out in reducing risks caused by vulnerable points in the urban area of the capital .

The objective of the first meeting is to identify the priorities and vulnerabilities of the city, the scope of the different mitigation projects that the commune has carried out and, based on local experiences, develop a national plan in terms of risk management starting with the municipality from Managua.

Ana Campos, IDB Risk Management Manager, explained that the objective is to provide technical support to the national government.

“At the invitation of the Ministry of Finance and the Mayor's Office, we are here today to learn about the progress that Managua has made in the area of risk reduction and explore the possibility of working together in the formulation of a comprehensive plan for risk management in urban residences. ”.

Quiroz explained that the purpose of the IDB Mission is to accompany the National Government and the municipality of Managua in the development of an action plan that reduces vulnerability risks, whether due to climatic, seismic or geological conditions.

Secretary General Fidel Moreno explained that the meeting with the IDB technical mission is part of an effort that has been carried out for several years to obtain resources to eliminate the vulnerability of the urban area.

“By mandate of the Comrade President and Comrade Rosario in recent years as a nation we have been working with cooperation and financing organizations to modernize and organize the city, to achieve this we are working on a master plan for urban development of the city, along with this we are working on a runoff master plan to modernize storm drainage and we have to work across all of our efforts on a risk management plan, which is why the initiative and the technical cooperation of the IDB is very important to us ”.

Developing a proposal for the national plan in risk management could take about 8 or 10 months of work that includes the recognition of vulnerable points at the municipal and country levels.

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