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Minguito arrived with faith, love and joy in the capital

At six o'clock in the morning, with an incessant ringing of bells, music of chicheros, detonation of mortars, rockets and closed charges, Santo Domingo de Guzmán left his sanctuary of the Church of the same name in the Sierritas de Managua on his shoulder of the traditionalist porters who jiggled and danced, followed by a sea of parishioners and promisers, including the Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities, Mayor Daysi Torres and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas.

Chinegros, little devils covered in black oil, Indians and Indians dressed in folk costumes paid their promises and danced to the sound of the chicheros, except for one the Chief Chief, Oscar Ruiz, who is in poor health in a hospital. But faith and tradition continue because another cacique accompanied Minguito on his pilgrimage to the capital where he will be until August 10 at the Santo Domingo Church in the historic center of Managua.

Among the swell of promising, parishioners and partygoers, the tiny but miraculous image of Minguito was also accompanied by the priest Boanerges Carballo, parish priest of the Church of Las Sierritas, who stated that these festivities move thousands of people from all over the country and outside of the terroir, is an expression of faith, religiosity, combined with the culture and folklore of the people that in this way manifests their love for God who asks for the well-being of their families through the intersection of Santo Domingo de Guzmán who was a man holy, humble and very pious of the Holy Rosary.

For its part, the Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities and the Mayor of Managua, comrade Daysi Torres, said that this is the largest popular and religious manifestation of the people of the capital who come out of all the regions and the entire country to demonstrate their faith in God, because Mercy is love, forgiveness, brotherhood and family unity because there is nothing more beautiful than loving and serving our neighbor.

Regarding the absence of the traditionalist Cacique Mayor, who this year did not march with Santo Domingo for health reasons, he said that the Municipality will help him.

Also as Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities of the capital, he thanked the support of the National Police that is safeguarding order so that everything runs smoothly and without misfortunes to regret, as well as the Red Cross and the Firefighters who are attentive to provide its humanitarian services.

He also said that as every year the Mayor's Office through its workers guarantees cleanliness throughout the procession, as well as in the activity of the equestrian parade.

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