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Residents of the Farabundo Martí neighborhood celebrate the reconstruction of their park

With the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, the Vice Mayor of Managua, colleague Enrique Armas Rosales, handed over to the residents of the Farabundo Martí neighborhood the completely rebuilt playground of the same name, with the aim of guaranteeing healthy and safe recreation, mainly for children, youth and people. seniors who come to be distracted in this place.

Among the works carried out is the construction of 138 linear meters of cyclone mesh, installation of a water trough, four baskets to deposit garbage, as well as eight metal benches, three tables with their respective benches, the installation of eight metal children's games , the construction of 173 square meters of platforms and painting in general.

These works were carried out with the municipality's own funds from taxes paid by capital taxpayers who are invested in progress works.

Vice Mayor Armas Rosales stated that this work is delivered on the eve of July 28, 1991, 25 years of the feat performed by the Nicaraguan pitcher Denis Martínez, of having thrown a perfect game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a game they won. the Montreal Expos 2-0.

The vice mayor of the capital sent a greeting and congratulations to the player Denis Martínez on behalf of President Daniel Ortega and his colleague Rosario Murillo, "Nicaragua is all proud and celebrates this great feat," said Enrique Armas.

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