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District V reinforces cleanup routes

By: Maribel Centeno Pérez

The capital commune continues its efforts to maintain an efficient service in household garbage collection.

District V has 125 neighborhoods and to evacuate the 306 tons of garbage that are produced daily, the Public Cleaning Directorate established 26 routes, which are served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Council, explained that the Cleaning Day that the municipality began three months ago is achieving one of its objectives and that is to awaken the awareness and responsibility of the population.

“We are here in Colonia Nicarao and the residents, since they heard the bell of the truck, were waiting for us to express their concerns regarding the service, this makes us happy because people are becoming aware that eliminating the garbage sources, we can only do it To achieve by working together, this district is the one that generates the most garbage, there are 306 tons per day and we make every effort possible to achieve 100 percent cleaning of the 26 routes, ”explained comrade Rueda.

During the house-to-house visit in Colonia Nicarao, they were informed that the garbage that the truck does not take such as tree trimming, construction waste, citizens can take it to the Transfer Center, known as Sector 17, located in the Manolo hospital. Morales, 2 blocks south.

Marina Gonzalez, who has lived in the colony for 45 years, confirmed that the truck passes three times a week and the most important thing is that people take out the garbage in sacks or bags so that the animals do not water it.

“It is true that the Mayor's Office has to clean, but we also have to do a bit; It costs to take out the garbage until the bell is heard, so the animals do not throw it away, if I do not take it out on time, well I wait two more days and take it out because if we pay someone to take it, they take it away. your house but he's going to throw it away, and the garbage is still in Managua ”.

Managua, 25 de julio del 2016.[vc_images_carousel images=”5442,5443,5444,5445,5446,5447,5448,5449,5450,5451″ img_size=”large”]

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