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Evangelical churches receive title deed

The Municipal Government in conjunction with the Central Government delivered to the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua more than 100 titles and property solvencies to provide them with legal security.

The delivery took place in the Ríos de Agua Viva church, in a first stage where more than 100 churches in Managua were attended.

Present at the handover ceremony were municipal authorities, representatives of the property's intendancy, the Attorney General's Office, and the pastors in charge of the benefited churches.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that the process of legalizing the land where the churches are located is part of the process of legal security promoted by the government of President Ortega.

"Following the guidance of our Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, we have worked in an inter-institutional manner to deliver the property titles to the churches, this demonstrates the will of the Central Government to restore legal security to our brothers and sisters who congregate in these churches." said Deputy Mayor Armas.

Pastor Omar Duarte, President of the Federation of Evangelical Churches, explained that the titling process will be at the national level.

“Nicaragua is honoring God and when a nation honors God the doors of heaven open, for many years this had been expected, we started in Managua with more than 100 titles and at the national level, there will be more than 250 titles that ratify the will of the Commander Daniel and companion Rosario to bring security to the evangelical people, ”explained Duarte.

Duarte also announced that the delivery of property titles nationwide will take place on scheduled dates for each of the departments.

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