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Mayor Daysi Torres appointed for the seventh time Steward of the Patron Saint Festivities

By: Gurbih Dinarte Narváez

For the seventh consecutive time, the mayor of the capital, Daysi Torres, is officially appointed Mayordoma of the patron saint festivities of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, with the authorization of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Managua Leopoldo Brenes.

The official document of the Catholic Church that grants the appointment to the Mayordoma, was read by Presbyter Boanerges Carballo, parish priest of the Church of Santo Domingo de Las Sierritas, with the support of the Vicar of the same Church, Father Julio César Chávez and by the priest Juan José Escolato, parish priest of the Church of Santo Domingo in the Historic Center of Managua, in addition to the different presidents of the Patron Festivity Committee.

Father Boanerges Carballo, stated that the team of priests and the presidents of the Party Committees will be accompanying and supporting the Mayordoma, so that these patron saint festivities, whose fundamental motto is "Santo Domino de Guzmán Camina y Anuncia la Misericordia", are carried out. in the faith of the Catholic Church, with great order, love for Jesus Christ, with religiosity and expression of the culture and tradition of the people.

For her part, the Mayordoma, comrade Daysi Torres, thanked Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, the Catholic Church and the different Party Committees for the trust they have placed in her, “I first thank God and the Blessed Virgin, for giving me the opportunity to serve my people, and may these festivals take place with great faith, in peace, religiosity, order and above all in family unity, to achieve the well-being of all Nicaraguans from God our Heavenly Father ”.

Later, the Mayordoma, together with the different candidates for queen of the festivities, a pretty and little girl, danced the Mocito, a replica of the tiny image of Santo Domino de Guzmán, who jolted him to the sound of the philharmonics and the explosions of rockets and mortars that announced the appointment of the Mayordoma and the beginning of the management festivities of the managua people.

Managua, July 21, 2016.

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