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They carry out scientific research to determine the antiquity of Huellas de Acahualinca

In order to determine the exact age of the Acahualinca Footprints and who were the aborigines who left them when they fled in a stampede from a supposed natural catastrophe, the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario Murillo In coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua, it authorized a group of North American scientists to carry out investigations with samples to the subsoil through the optically stimulated luminescence scientific technique, which will be taken for their due analysis in the United States of North America.

The Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, colleague Clemente Guido Martínez, explained that the scientists who will be in charge of the investigations will be doctors Héctor Neff from the United States and Sakai Sachiko from Japan, both are teachers and researchers from California State University Long Beach USA , who came to the country to promote scientific cooperation for free.

Dr. Héctor Neff explained that the investigations and samples will be carried out with the optically stimulated luminescence technique, with the phenomenon of stone crystals accumulating damage in the form of changes in the positions of electrons over time due to the effect of environmental radiation, which It consists primarily of radioactive isotopes, especially potassium -40, thorium-232, and uranium-238.

The samples will be taken from the paleosol that are under the layer of footprints, another sample of the paleosol that will look for elements of organic carbon remains through C14 and another sample for the OSL and C14 of the layer that protrudes over the footprints. .

These tests will be carried out on site in full darkness and will be taken to laboratories in the United States and the results will be in May of next year 2017.

The Director of Municipal Historical Heritage stated that these investigations are important to determine the age of the footprints because as a result, they will be potential candidates to be nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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