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Road improvement in the Calle 11 sector of the Sierra Maestra neighborhood

As part of the model of Citizen Power and Direct Democracy that promotes Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of Managua, the road and storm drainage improvement was carried out in the sector of 11th street of the Sierra Maestra neighborhood of District 3 of the capital .

This common good project was delivered to the community by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who urged the families of the sector to take care of this work of progress, as part of shared social responsibility.

Likewise, it was announced that with this project a critical point in district 3 is eliminated; which consisted of the paving of 4 blocks with concrete, as well as the construction of 577 linear meters of platforms and a retaining wall of 43 square meters; in addition to the installation of 4 manifolds and the construction of 12.8 square meters of ford.

It was also highlighted that this work is the result of the Citizen Power model, where families and communities request their projects in community assemblies and district councils, to incorporate them into the investment plans of the municipality.

This road improvement project had an investment of 6 million 137 thousand 60 Córdobas and directly benefited 3 thousand 740 inhabitants of the area, who were grateful for the execution of the progress work, as stated by Mrs. Dora González, resident from the area who expressed satisfaction with the improvement of roads and storm drainage.

Managua, 15 de julio del 2016.[vc_images_carousel images=”5305,5306,5307,5308,5309,5310,5311,5312,5313″ img_size=”large”]

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