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District VI strengthens fight against garbage

By: Maribel Centeno Pérez

The capital commune started a pilot project to reinforce the campaign against garbage "My neighborhood, My community, My Clean Municipality".

Starting this week, brigades made up of young people from the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement and workers from the municipality will visit families from house to house in the neighborhoods to inform them about the household garbage collection service in their area.

The pilot project consists of explaining to citizens what day the collection truck will pass through their neighborhood, at what points there are community bins and where there are transfer centers, parallel to this effort, planters are built in those places where people form micro-dumps.

Reyna Rueda, Secretary of the Managua Council, explained that the campaign to eradicate garbage is already three months old and the work is beginning to bear fruit.

"This week, we started joining efforts from the mayor's office with the kids from Guardabarranco to bring information to each of the houses in the Oswaldo Manzanares neighborhood on how the garbage should be collected and what day the truck will be there."

To improve household collection, the Public Cleaning Directorate has established 18 routes served by the same number of trucks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, this district generates 100 tons of garbage.

Parallel to home collection, illegal dumps are being eliminated and instead gardens are being built with the support of the CLS and the organized community, explained Estela Jarquín, coordinator of the Guardabarranco Movement.

“We are joining forces with the community to promote campaigns that have an echo and raise citizen awareness with recyclable materials such as tires, we paint them and we are making gardens so that people do not have space to throw garbage. Here in District VI there used to be 16 illegal dumps, we have eliminated 10 and with the help of the families we will be able to eliminate the 6 that remain under the shared responsibility model”.

Managua, July 06, 2016.

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