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Mayors of Managua and Nindirí work in Calles para el Pueblo

By: Maribel Centeno Pérez

The National Government together with the Mayor's Offices of Managua and Nindirí carry out the lining of the main road with hydraulic concrete and asphalt through the Program Streets for the People, the Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno, explained that the reconstruction of the road It will be ready in approximately 25 days.

“For three weeks we have begun the reconstruction of 8.2 kilometers of road, of these, 1 kilometer is in hydraulic concrete and 7.2 in asphalt. With this track we are benefiting 80 thousand people and a little more than 30 residential areas in the area ”.

The road improvement project will continue until reaching the 4 Esquinas and the new Country Club track with an investment of approximately 60 million córdobas.

In the kilometer that will be covered with hydraulic concrete, there is 60 percent progress and one lane is being built at a time to facilitate access roads to the inhabitants of the area, Moreno explained.

"On this secondary road approximately 15,000 vehicles circulate a day, many of them are heavy vehicles that come from Managua to Masaya, so as not to interrupt traffic we are working only on one lane so that users can enter and exit Veracruz and all areas nearby, in 25 days the entire work will be finished ”.

The reconstruction of the road network begins in Veracruz, reaches Las 4 Esquinas until it joins the Highway to Masaya, for this, the municipality will carry out additional works such as the rehabilitation of 2.8 kilometers reaching the Pablo Antonio Cuadra school and the Ermita.

Managua, July 5, 2016.

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