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Tribute to the former mayor of Managua and three-time world boxing champion Alexis Argüello

By: Gurbih Dinarte Narváez

In commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the physical departure of the three-time World Boxing Champion, the Knight of the Ring and former mayor of Managua, fellow Mayor Daysi Torres, along with fellow Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, the Secretary of the Council Reyna Juanita Rueda, councilors and municipal officials, In addition to former world boxing champions Iván Calderón Two-time World Champion in strawweight and light flyweight with 18 successful defenses, former world boxing champion with two crowns in light and flyweight and member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame, Leo Gómez, former champion of world boxing in four categories straw, light fly, fly and super fly was the first Latino to win four world titles.

Also in attendance were Dr. Francisco Valcárcel, President of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Messrs. Gilberto Mendoza and Renzo Magnariol, President and Vice President of the World Boxing Association (WBA) respectively, Mrs. Karla Rizo, Argüello's widow and children. of the champion among other personalities.

Then, the delegation moved to the Jardines del Recuerdo Cemetery, where they were offered a response by Monsignor Eddy Montenegro who addressed a prayer to the Creator for the rest of the soul of the three-time Boxing Champion and former mayor of Managua, Alexis Argüello, in addition to other activities for its commemoration.

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