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The Mayor of Managua awards the Alexis Argüello Medal for Municipal Sports Excellence

By: Gurbih Dinarte Narváez

In commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the physical disappearance of former Mayor and three-time World Boxing Champion Alexis Argüello, the Managua Mayor's Office awarded the Order and Medal of Sports Excellence "Alexis Argüello" to five prominent personalities from the national sports world: Arnulfo Obando trainer of world boxing champion Chocolate González, and was also a candidate for the best boxing trainer in the world, proposed by The Ring Magazine.

The other decorated was the legendary boxer Eduardo Ratón Mojica, former coach of the World Boxing champions Alexis Argüello and Rosendo Álvarez, he also received the medal for Sports Excellence, the best amateur athlete of all time from Nicaragua, multi-medalist in Central American championships and Pan-American, the weightlifter Orlando Vásquez.


The successful, responsible and disciplined David Hodgson, former manager of the National Baseball Team and the teams of the Caribbean Coast, Los Dantos, León and San Fernando, was also decorated. And the one who won the ovation of all those attending the event by receiving the Medal was the Nicaraguan, born in Matagalpa and who currently works as a commentator on the radio broadcasts of the Tampa Bay Rays games in the major leagues, lawyer and graduate in communication the blind Enrique Oliu, former athlete in the discipline of Olympic wrestling at the University of Florida, United States, and who has been the subject of dozens of reports on North American television.

The Municipal Medal for Sports Excellence was imposed on the winners by the Mayor of the capital, comrade Daysi Torres, in the auditorium of the Amistad Japan - Nicaragua park.

All the winners expressed being proud to receive the highest municipal decoration "Alexis Argüello" for representing the highest pride in boxing of discipline, chivalry, humility and above all humanistic and cheerful that Alexis Argüello has produced in the country.

“As a brother, simple friend, humble, humanist, in solidarity with the most deprived and a joyful man, with laughter on his lips and above all as our three-time boxing champion who gave glory and pride to the country, today we remember him and We also applaud him as the eternal Mayor of Managua ”, expressed the Mayor of the capital, comrade Daysi Torres, when placing a wreath at the foot of the mausoleum that the capital commune erected in his honor.

The event in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the physical departure of the Three-time World Boxing Champion was attended by the Knight of the Ring and former Mayor of Managua, fellow Mayor Daysi Torres, fellow Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, the Secretary of the Council Reyna Juanita Rueda, councilors and officials municipal champions, in addition to former world boxing champions Iván Calderón, two-time world champion in strawweight and light flyweight with 18 successful defenses, former world boxing champion with two crowns in light and flyweight and member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame, Leo Gómez, former world boxing champion in four categories, straw, light fly, fly and super fly was the first Latino to win four world titles.

Also attending were Dr. Francisco Valcárcel, president of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Messrs. Gilberto Mendoza and Renzo Magnariol, President and Vice-president of the World Boxing Association (WBA) respectively, Mrs. Karla Rizo, Argüello's widow and sons of the champion. among other personalities.

Subsequently, the entire delegation moved to the Jardines del Recuerdo Cemetery, where they were offered a response by Monsignor Eddy Montenegro who addressed a prayer to the Creator for the rest of the soul of the Three-time Boxing Champion and former Mayor of Managua, Alexis Argüello.

While at six in the afternoon it was held on the same day, a boxing evening was held in Puerto Salvador Allende.

Managua, July 1, 2016.

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