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Council approves awarding the Alexis Argüello Municipal Medal to outstanding athletes

By: Gurbih Dinarte Narváez

The Mayor's Office of Managua will commemorate the seventh anniversary of the physical disappearance of the former mayor of Managua and three-time World Boxing Champion Alexis Argüello, as part of these activities the Municipal Council will award the Alexis Argüello In Memoriam Municipal Order to the outstanding athletes Arnulfo Obando, coach of the Three-time champion World Boxing Román Chocolatito González, the legendary boxer Eduardo Ratón Mojica, the weightlifter Orlando Vásquez, the successful manager of the National Baseball Team, David Hodgson and the announcer and commentator of major league baseball games in the United States, the Nicaraguan Enrique Oliu .

The Mayor of Managua, partner Daysi Torres, presented to the members of the Council the report of the first quarter of 2016, January, February and March, in Session number 41 of the City Council.

According to the report, the total income reached the amount of one thousand 222 million 150 thousand 341 córdobas; Ordinary income was 1,199 million 733 thousand 132 córdobas and Extraordinary Income was 22 million 417 thousand 209 córdobas.

While total expenses reached the sum of 31 million 32 thousand 500 cordobas, broken down as follows: Capital Expenditure 566 million 576 thousand 350 cordobas and Current Expenses were 264 million 456 thousand 500 cordobas.

In this first quarter, 127 projects were executed, highlighting those of roads and storm drainage, among others, contemplated in the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), with an investment of 196 million 491 thousand 346 córdobas.

With regard to roads, 296 blocks were served and 260 blocks were rebuilt with asphalt mix, 36 new blocks were built with hydraulic concrete and in maintenance of dirt streets, more than 500 blocks were served in different neighborhoods and rural regions, with an investment of 31 million 415 thousand 78 córdobas benefiting different neighborhoods and regions of Managua.

While in rainwater drainage projects the network was expanded by more than 598 meters of pipe, the channel network was lined in 194 linear meters, gutters; In maintenance of the rainwater network, the cleaning of 230 manholes, 4 thousand 597 meters of pipes, 291 gutters and gutters, and the cleaning of 37 kilometers of lined riverbeds and the de-sanding of 18 micro-dams with the evacuation of more than three thousand tons of solid waste and not including a large amount of sediment with an investment of 8 million 875 thousand córdobas, achieving the cleaning of more than 80 percent of the capital's storm drainage.

In public areas, it was expanded into more than 25 new projects, including the construction of Plaza San Juan Pablo II, Paseo Xolotlán, Parque Campestre, among others.

Managua, 29 de junio del 2016.[vc_images_carousel images=”5079,5080,5081,5082,5083,5084,5085,5086,5087,5088,5089″ img_size=”large”]

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